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About Us

Dear friend, visitor to our website! The entire team at BBK HOME is pleased to greet you and share some concepts and explain how our service works.

Based on years of experience in the industry and months of market research, we have created an intuitive, informative, and easy-to-use website where you can manage the basic services needed to keep your home always impeccable.

Points to highlight why we recommend choosing to collaborate with BBK HOME.



First and foremost, we respect your time, especially the time you dedicate to reading this information. Therefore, we have summarized all the information to create this easy-to-use page, reducing the amount of uninformative and completely unnecessary text. Instead of writing banal texts to convince you how good our technicians are, we prefer to offer you the opportunity to visit our Instagram photo gallery, which is updated daily with the work done in the homes of our real customers. This way, you can see firsthand how our technicians work and the quality of work we can offer. It is also worth highlighting the punctuality of our technicians. You will always receive the service at the agreed time, and if there is any unexpected delay, we will call you in advance because your time is important to us.



We make every effort to minimize the time between receiving your service request and completing the work in your home. To achieve this, we have multiple teams of sofa and carpet cleaning technicians, each consisting of two members. This allows us to quickly and safely handle large cleaning jobs while maintaining the highest possible quality standards for you.

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Secondly, we have recalculated and improved market prices without reducing the quality of our work. We also offer you complete transparency regarding prices. We have created a price list published on our BBK HOME website for products and services, where it has been possible to establish a fixed price that includes materials, taxes, and technician travel expenses. We guarantee the best quality-price ratio on the market.


Third, the service guarantee does work. We are all human beings and no matter how much experience and professionalism we have, we can make mistakes. Sometimes after cleaning a sofa, carpet or car seats, when the material dries, some marks may appear again... This is solved in a review. In this case it is enough to send us a photo of the damage and we will solve it as quickly as possible. And if any work, such as removing chemical or very old stains, cannot be carried out perfectly, our technicians will notify you before starting the work.

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Our technicians are apt to perform their specific tasks within their sectors. They are able to resolve your doubts and answer your questions because they receive constant training by our company. In any extraordinary case, you will receive support by calling our office.

The products we use in the cleaning sector are BIODEGRADABLE, respectful of the environment and the health of our technicians, since they are the ones who are in most contact. And of course they are totally safe for you, your children and pets.


Call us or write us a message and we will answer any questions with patience, dedicating all the necessary time without any commitment. You can also visit the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section of our website where we give detailed answers to most of the questions that customers ask about our services.

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The objective of our company BBK HOME is the perfect reputation in the market, for this reason we do everything possible to have 100% of our clients happy with the result of our furniture cleaning or car detailing service.

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