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Furniture cleaning in hotels

hotel furniture cleaning marbella

Deep cleaning of upholstery, carpets, and mattresses in hotels is an essential task to maintain hygiene and comfort in guest rooms. The buildup of dust, dirt, and dust mites can affect air quality and cause health issues for guests. Additionally, a clean and fresh room is essential to providing a pleasant and satisfying lodging experience.

At BBK HOME, we use biodegradable and environmentally safe cleaning products that do not cause allergies or skin irritations. Our cleaning experts use advanced techniques and tools to remove dirt and dust mites from upholstery, ensuring a deep and effective clean.

In the cleaning procedure, first a careful evaluation of the type of upholstery and its condition is carried out to select the most suitable cleaning method and avoid damage. Then, a pre-treatment is applied to loosen dirt and stains, and a deep cleaning is performed with special machines that inject hot water and cleaning solution into the upholstery, and then vacuum it to remove dirt and excess moisture.

hotel furniture cleaning
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In addition to providing a more enjoyable lodging experience for guests, deep cleaning the upholstery of sofas, armchairs, and mattresses in hotels can also extend the life of the furniture, saving on long-term replacement costs. In summary, entrusting BBK HOME for the deep cleaning of the upholstery of your hotel's furniture and mattresses is an investment in the health, well-being, and satisfaction of your guests.

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