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Furniture cleaning in restaurants / bars / cafeterias

restaurant furniture cleaning

Cleaning chairs, sofas or carpets in hospitality spaces such as restaurants, bars, and cafes is essential to ensure a clean, healthy, and pleasant environment for customers. Additionally, it is crucial for maintaining a good image of the business and complying with hygiene and public health requirements.


At BBK HOME, we offer a professional furniture cleaning service for hospitality spaces. Our team of cleaning experts uses high-quality products and advanced technology to deep clean furniture upholstery, removing stains, odors, and bacteria.

The cleaning procedure varies depending on the type of furniture and the dirt present, but we always ensure to use safe and effective cleaning techniques to ensure that the furniture is left clean and in good condition. Additionally, we use biodegradable products that do not cause allergies and eliminate dust mites, which improves air quality and benefits the health of customers and staff in the business.

carpet cleaning products
chair cleaning marbella

Regular furniture cleaning in hospitality spaces not only improves the appearance of the area but also contributes to maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment for both customers and staff. Additionally, it can extend the lifespan of furniture and save costs on replacements.

In summary, at BBK HOME, we offer furniture cleaning services in hospitality spaces that not only improve the image and hygiene of the business but also benefit the health of all involved. Contact us today for more information on our services and pricing.

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